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About Digidat Solutions

In the ever changing landscape of technological innovations, Smart Devices, Mobile Devices, Ai etc. gives us an opportunity to share and shape the future for the next generation. We could let technology lull us to sleep or hopefully use it to change direction. Digidat Solutions is committed to reducing the use of fossil fuels by offering Solutions for Meetings, Conferences and  Summits. We will also be supply Solutions by training the next generation in the use of current and future technologies.

Digidat Solutions started out  as PC Systems in the 1980’s to now providing SaaS (Software As A Service) and

PaaS (Cloud Based Services).

For over 39 years the founder of DIGIDAT SOLUTIONS, Al Gonzales, has been involved with the PC explosions since its infancy. From sorting and feeding data cards into UNIVAC and IBM  Main Frames to building first generation PC computers running IBM DOS, Al has been there to see the PC World evolve. In 1985, he opened one of the first computer training centers in the Inland Empire. In 2000, Al launched Digidat Systems and is  now growing his business to entering the next generation of Technology SAAS, CLOUD, and VIDEO delivering Mobile and WEB Multi-Media Solutions– DIGIDAT SOLUTIONS in the ever expanding digital world.

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Al Gonzales

Al Gonzales

Founder & CEO

Alfred Gonzales

Alfred Gonzales

Analytics Expert

Israel Mazauke Gonzales

Israel Mazauke Gonzales

Business Analyst

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